At West Main Animal Clinic, we want to do the best for you and your pet by promoting the best products for your situation. Since we cannot carry EVERY product available, online pharmacies have become an outlet for price-shopping as well as inventory control. We will gladly supply a written prescription at your request, which can then be sent directly to your online pharmacy of choice.

Not all online pharmacies are created equal! Pharmacies should carry the Pharmacy Board Accreditation seal and/or be verified for quality control. Because of this fact, we do not directly interact with ANY online pharmacy that is not an extension of Animal Hospital. In doing so, we could lose our license should a mistake be made.

Midwest Vet Store Online is supplied by our same distribution team, as well as backed by the manufacturers; therefore, you get the best products at the best prices. Orders will be sent directly to our Animal Hospital page for confirmation and authorization. Please be aware that it may take up to 2 business days to validate and sign the prescription, which will then be sent directly to your home.

You can access our Online Store via the QR code listed on the back of our business card or the flier hanging in the front windows, or directly through the following link:

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Current Animal Hospital Product Recommendations;
1) Dogs

    a. Heartworm
    a.i. Interceptor Plus – monthly; covers heartworms + all intestinal worms
    a.ii. Proheart – 6-month injection; covers heartworms + hookworms only
    b. Flea and tick – Bravecto 1-month or 3-month; covers fleas, ticks, ear mites, mange, etc.

2) Cats

    a. Flea/tick/heartworm – Revolution Plus (monthly) or Bravecto (officially labeled for 2 months due to deworming)